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Selecting an Immigration Consultant
Hiring the right kind of immigration consultant can help applicants but caution needs to be exercised when selecting an immigration consultant. Internet availability and the easy access to credit cards makes it now possible to consult with consultants worldwide. While there are many honest and professional immigration consultants and lawyers who specialize in immigration law. There are some that try and scam clients with promises and information that is not quite correct and often a method to extract money from clients. So how do you find a good immigration lawyer or consultant? by doing your homework and making appropriate inquires before parting with your money and paper work. At times you may not even need the services of a consultant, Most countries have information posted on their websites and it is usually free. If you need current immigration information for instance for Canada, then it is quite easy to consult a qualified Canadian consultant. Most consultants and lawyers accept credit card payments. As the saying goes, "Geography is now history" distances today do not matter. Here are some advertisements that were published in one of India's leading newspaper, The Times of India on May 4, 2007. It is not the intention of this website to comment on any advertisement placed in newspapers. Readers need to do their own research before selecting a particular consultant. Whether some of these advertisements are misleading it is for the readers to decide for themselves.

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