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Rare mass rally over Singapore immigration plans
Singaporeans have staged a rare demonstration, in protest at government plans to allow more immigration.The peaceful three-hour rally took place in heavy rain at a park venue known as Speakers' Corner, where protests are allowed without a police permit. Only a handful of uniformed officers were seen close by..It said immigration was needed to help offset a slowing birth rate and ageing population, and it needed to find a balance between the number of Singaporeans and foreigners in order to sustain its rate of economic growth.
I have always known this would eventually happen..With most of the IT people I know wanting to go there as a stepping stone for having a better salary, it's just a matter of time that Singapore would be filled with immigrants more than the locals there.
Their protests makes sense too. How can a crowded tiny dot just below Malaysia take in any more people? The entire island is a giant metropolis. They have no room to expand, any further. They are making every effort to preserve their natural beauty of the island by growing trees EVERYWHERE and even in places where if done in a western country, would see the tree being chopped up and disposed.

O and this is coming from a former immigrant to Singapore (moved to Canada instead). I wish I could go back and live their again but... these people have a point.

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