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Panchayat controlled village - Construction law
Good afternoon and thanks for answering all the NRI queries.
I am working in Saudi Arabia for the past two decades and my aged parents and my family are staying in a Panchyat controlled village.
My question is : Our neighbor is going to build one building of 32 flats with no proper drainage system. Panchyat is given the permission to build the house . Is there any law is forbidding to build the building without proper safety tank? We and our surrounding area people are drinking the water from the underground well? So I hope we will face serious health problem once all the 32 occupants start to occupying the building? Now the building is in initial state so I need your valuable feedback in order to proceed with further.
It is the oldest system of local government in the Indian subcontinent. The word “panchayat” literally means “assembly” (ayat) of five (panch) wise and respected elders chosen and accepted by the local community.[i]Traditionally, these assemblies settled disputes between individuals and villages.British established local self-government in 1869 when they made a District Local Fund in Bombay. This was a nominated body.In 1882, Lord Ripon established local self- government in India with the seating up of district local boards. District boards and councils were established in Maratheada and vidarbh.

The next important piece of legislation was the Bombay village panchyat Act 1920. Under this Act, the Panchayats was constituted into an elected body. Members were elected by adult male villagers and the Panchayat was entrusted with local functions, mainly of a civil nature. Panchayat were empowered to collect compulsory house taxes.The Bombay Village Panchayat Act 1920 empowered village Panchayats to take up various activities, including some social-economic functions, and gave the power to heavy taxes and duties in order to increase their income.

After the reorganisation of states in 1956, laws to introduce the Panchayat system in different stator were gradually enacted. This process was almost complete in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Madras, Mysore, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh and Bombay.[ii]The Bombay Village Panchyats Act was enacted in Producers for seeking legal redress through judicial courts are both long and enormously complicated, and also involve considerable expenses. It is because of this that several different and newer ways of setting disputes both quickly and inexpensively have come up.

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