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Has Canada’s immigration system lost its heart?
When Djordje Momcilovic’s father died in Croatia in 2007, the Mississauga man invited his widowed mother to visit and applied to sponsor her to live with him here.
Seven years later, Nevenka Momcilovic, now 76, is still waiting for a decision on her permanent residency application. Meanwhile, she must renew her visitor visa every year to stay in Canada.
In December, the elderly woman received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) telling her she would have to leave Canada by Jan. 15 because her family had unknowingly paid only the old $75 visa renewal fee, which had been raised to $200 a year ago.
“I thought that this was an honest mistake and oversight and that reasonable people would review Nevenka’s case and at the very least extend her stay for a few months,” said Edwin Frank, a neighbour who is helping the family sort out the immigration problem.
Instead, Frank, whose own family came from Lithuania, was lectured by immigration officials that Momcilovic should have read the fine print and was told that the decision denying the woman’s visitor visa was final.
“I was ashamed, as a first-generation Canadian, that a federal government department can have such an insensitive and incompetent attitude and process that apparently can’t easily be appealed,” said Frank, an IT consultant.
“I wonder how many other families have experienced the insensitive and seemingly inhuman approach of CIC. These are families that are being torn apart. I feel that Canadians deserve to know what is occurring at CIC.”
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While the Conservative government has invested resources in expediting the processing of skilled immigrants, investors, refugees and people slated for deportation, wait times keep growing for family reunification programs.
Currently, it takes nearly four years (47 months) simply to assess a sponsor’s eligibility to bring in parents and grandparents. The aging would-be immigrants then have to wait years for their own assessment at visa posts abroad.
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