Overseas Affiliates are our business partners in countries other then India. Main objective of overseas affiliates is to coordinate between NRIs and our office in India. NRIs will have two types of queries. One is before they place an order and second is after they place an order.

Before an order is placed, the queries will be related to cost, delivery and reliability of NRI-Assistance Services. Once an order is placed the queries will be related to follow up of the task ordered.

There are neither any obligations nor any liabilities for an overseas affiliate. All the commitments are made by NRI-Assistance Services. All the transactions will happen in Drishti's account. Hence all the responsibilities and liabilities are with Drishti Services.

Once you become our overseas affiliate, we will provide you complete information about our process, pricing and we will also provide an account manager for you who will work directly with you to enable you in coordinating with the NRIs.

We will share 40% of our fixed charges with our overseas affiliate for every transaction whereas they are involved. There are no charges for becoming an overseas affiliate.

You can apply with all these details via email to affiliate@nri-assistance.com. We will scrutinize your application and revert to you with agreement details and documents required.

Every overseas affiliate will have access to our software whereas they can check the status of a service request ticket. For e.g. once a customer places an order through us, a ticket will be generated and our customer support team will update it regularly.

You can check this ticket status regularly. If there is an urgency, you can contact our customer support team and get an update directly.

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