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d when the accident happened at 4pm.
Private healthcare in the West is notoriously expensive Jeison Murillo Inter Milan Jersey , for some, prohibitively so. Commonplace medical items like dentistry or health check ups are high-priced, while surgery and major operations can completely bankrupt many individuals. Thus, the rapidly-growing practice of traveling across international borders to obtain healthcare.

Many have found their solutions in Thailand, spurring a trend in "health tourism" within the country. Why Thailand? Because the Thai medical profession is one of the most advanced in the region. Thailand's hospitals and clinics are world class. Investments in equipment and management standards are so high that major hospitals are "internationally accredited".

The following are some "ball park" cost comparisons. The cost of surgery can be one-tenth of what it is in the United States or Western Europe, and sometimes even less. A heart-valve replacement that would cost $200,000 or more in the US, for example, goes for $10,000 and that includes round-trip airfare and a brief vacation package. Similarly, a metal-free dental bridge worth $5,500 in the US costs around $500. A knee replacement in Thailand with six days of physical therapy costs about one-fifth of what it would in the US. Lasik eye surgery worth $3,700 in the US is available for around $730. In the US cataract surgery for one eye runs around $8,000, but at a prestigious International hospital in Thailand cataract surgery can be performed on both eyes for around $2,500. Cosmetic surgery savings are even greater: A full facelift that would cost $20,000 in the US runs about $1,200. A thorough dental cleaning and checkup runs around $10.00.

Tourists are drawn to Thailand for many reasons - tropical beauty, splendid beaches, and a fascinating culture. Now however, health is yet another reason that lures visitors to the kingdom. Thailand has become the spa capital of Asia. The country abounds in health clubs and spas, and offers an incredible amount of sporting activities, everything from golfing to scuba diving, and from biking to cave exploring.

Thai Airlines features what is known as Royal Orchid Holidays. Medical checkups, has become so important, Royal Orchid Holidays has added medical checkups to its package tours. It's an unusual theme for a package tour, perhaps, but a very practical one, giving travelers the opportunity to have a comprehensive medical checkup while they are in Thailand for business or pleasure. Quality healthcare combined with a tourism holiday at a low price attracts patients from all over the world.

On the medical side, an Internet search of the International hospitals in Bangkok will provide all the information necessary regarding medical procedures available and the related costs. While the list is long, to start, your search should include the popular Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Hospital,Samitivej Hospital, and Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital. They are all internationally accredited hospitals.

On the tourism side, Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles. It is often referred to as the most exotic country in Southeast Asia. In Bangkok a visit to the Grand Palace is a must see. Trips to a floating market or to the Bridge on the River Kwai, or other popular destinations, are easily arranged and inexpensive, even with a personal driver. A short flight or overnight train trip and you can be enjoying the pristine beaches in the Southern Islands or the Northern mountains with its waterfalls, elephants bathing in mountain streams, and Hill Tribe villages.

Consider Health Tourism in Thailand. You will readily see that you can have a medical procedure, and a wonderful holiday, all at less cost that you would have paid for the medical procedure alone in the West.
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A must read overview on Thailand and other Asian countries is the Retire to Asia! E-Book. 67 pages of text and stunning photographs. Visit me at Brian Bees has lived and worked in Asia for 28 years.

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Photo:Shanghai Daily

A LIGHT aircraft plunged to the ground during a flight show in Shijiazhuang, capital of north China’s Hebei Province, yesterday, killing all four people on board.

The LE-500 model plane was produced by AVIC Industry Corp of China. A pilot and three customers were onboard when the accident happened at 4pm.

A witness said the plane suddenly fell out of the sky and hit the ground, causing billows of black smoke.

Another witness reportedly said the involved plane was for visitors to experience and it was seen swinging for a while after taking off, according to China News Service, adding that the plane fell out of the sky and hit a cornfield about three minutes later.

The show which began on Tuesday is due to end today. More than 50 general aviation manufacturers and operators brought around 150 aircraft to the event, which was sponsored by the AVIC flight club. The show has been an annual gala for flight fans, featuring stunt flights and music performances.

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