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Casino Bonus Terms at Kaboo Casino
Just looking for some advice on the Kaboo bonus terms.

I made a deposit and took part of their welcome bonus of 100% up to €100. As I started playing I managed to hit a fairly big win in Ivanhoe of €360.
Looking at my account now everything is locked as bonus money and I am not able to withdraw any winnings, forfeiting the bonus would remove all winnings.

The issue I have is that they lock all your funds as a "bonus balance" while having a term that states (5.) You will first use your real money when wagering and then your bonus money.
So all wagers made with real money is converted into bonus money, and you then need to wager it 35 times.

They also have a term right after it which states "All winnings made with bonus money will be added to the bonus funds" I think this states that real money should be kept separate.

I am not sure if I am in the right here, I feel like I am. Otherwise consider this is a PSA about Kaboo. There are several other casinos out there that allows you to withdraw winnings made from cash wagers.
Yep it is how it says in the terms, i used to play at kaboo. It is a sister casino to thrills casino.

But yeah your right when you said there is other casinos that allow you to withdraw if you won from the cash first before touching the bonus money. And then that just means you forfeit the bonus money once you submit the withdraw.

I would just say that is why it is important that you read the terms before you deposit in a casino. Or check CM or other forums for more info about if they have that rule or not.

But i wish you good luck and i hope u can manage to wager the money anyway
This part seems a bit confusing to me the 35x. Lets say you deposit 100 and get 100 bonus is it 35x the 100 (bonus money) or 35x 200 (deposit + bonus)? Some casinos write this term a little fuzzy which can confuse even veterans like me! Another thing finding their excluded slots is a challenge!
I don't have an account at Kaboo but when it comes to Thrills and SuperLenny it has always been 35x the bonus only. You need to wager it all though from start to end.
Do they have restricted games? Don't think I've ever thought of checki
They do and they are weird like Game of Thrones 15 lines? It's not easy to find the link either. I know that they are a good casino group and Kaboo must just recently been in the Irish market because I couldn't play there before and can't play at Thrills or Superlenny. Thinking of giving them a go but they really need to make their terms and conditions regarding bonuses and excluded slots crystal clear and easy to find. I don't like going on a treasure hunt when looking for terms.
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