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UNITED NATIONS Rafael Camacho Jersey UK , Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Wednesday called on the United Nations to spearhead efforts to establish an eco-peace park in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Park made the remarks in her speech to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on the first day of its annual general debate.

"This year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. But the Korean Peninsula remains stifled by a wall of division," she told the assembly.

"I call on the international community to stand with us in tearing down the world's last remaining wall of division," she said.

The president proposed building corridors within the four- kilometer-wide and 250-kilometer-long DMZ between the two countries as a first step in the process of allowing people on both sides to "live in natural harmony within a single ecosystem."

"And so I hope to build inside the very symbol of our division a World Eco-Peace Park that would start reconnecting the Peninsula 's divided nature and divided people," said Park.

According to her, the World Eco-Peace Park will emerge as a corridor of life and peace.

"I call on the UN to spearhead these efforts," she said. " Building a park that embodies respect for international norms and values, and doing so under UN auspices with all the parties to the war on board -- the two Koreas Caoimhin Kelleher Jersey UK , the US and China -- would serve the cause of easing tensions and peaceful reunification of the two Koreas."

"A unified Korea will be the starting point for a world without nuclear weapons, offer a fundamental solution to the North Korean human rights issue, and help unlock a stable and cooperative Northeast Asia," she added.

The DMZ was created by the armistice at the end of the Korean War in 1953 in order to keep a safe and protected distance between the South Korea and DPRK. This strip of land has been untouched by human hands since then and turned into a safe haven for more than 2,700 plant and animal species.


MUMBAI, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) -- Indian markets opened flat with positive note Wednesday amid volatility and ahead of expiry of September derivative contracts next day.

The benchmark S&P BSE Sensex opened at 31,636.94 Curtis Jones Jersey UK , 37.18 points or 0.12 percent up compared to its previous close at 31,599.76.

Xi says international community must cooperate on global security

Chinese vice premier visits basketball players before friendship game

Sino-French cultural forum staged in Lyon

Highlights of Turkish-Iraqi joint military drill

Modern manufacturing, transport help six Chinese provinces develop fast

A look at Kantuman Bazaar in China's Xinjiang

Scenery of terraced fields in Houyuan Village, China's Fujian

Scenery of high-speed rail networks in south China's Guangxi

" Sperm motility means the capability of sperms to move toward the egg for purpose of fertilization. You can analysis that whether the sperms are healthy or not, on the basis of whether sperms move either in a straight line or in a curved line or do not move at all.

The sperms motility of sperm is required to be high to swim fast enough to fertilize the egg. But in some cases this may be very low when they remain inactive. There may be various causes of low sperm motility. These causes may include stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking Nathaniel Phillips Jersey UK , poor nutrition due to unhealthy diet, some enthusiastic exercises, some genetic causes, exposure to some pollutants and chemicals, side effects of some medication, etc.

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3. CoQ10: CoQ10 is another treatment for low sperm motility in semen. It also helps to defend cells from free radical injure and may protect the health of egg as well. The best food sources of CoQ10 are seafood and organ meats.

4. Vitamin E: Vitamin E also plays an important role to improve sperm health and sperm motility in men. Deficiency of Vitamin E in the body can also cause infertility. You can get Vitamin E from food sources like sunflower seeds, olives Fabinho Jersey UK , papaya, almonds, spinach, and dark leafy greens vegetables.

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