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The Cabinet Files security breach 'a one-off', Government tells intelligence allies
Hundreds of classified documents obtained by the ABC have now been secured by the nation's top spy agency after it was revealed the papers were found in two filing cabinets purchased at an ex-government furniture sale.

Cabinet minister Michael Keenan said the Federal Government was working to ensure intelligence partners' trust will not be eroded after the "very, very grievous breach of national security".

"Of course we'll reassure our allies that this is a one-off," Mr Keenan told the ABC.

"We have very good intelligence sharing arrangements, particularly with our Five Eyes partners, and of course they'll be disappointed to see that there's been a breach of security here."

The ABC has been told the security blunder has been the subject of "chatter" among the Five Eyes partners, which include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

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